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What is Coaching?

Updated: May 10, 2021

When I first started on my journey to become a life coach I was trying to explain it to my 83 year old father. He kept asking me if it was like people paying you to be their friend, or was it where people come to you with their problems and you tell them what to do?

After many different ways of explaining it to him the only analogy that seemed to resonate was that of a shepherd. I explained to him that being a coach, mentor, leader was all about helping people along a path and keeping them from veering off in another direction. And that is exactly what my philosophy of coaching and mentoring is.

  1. The best solution is one that you create and want, sometimes we can be distracted, disappointed, fail, and totally give up on our plans. A coach is there to help you see how you created your results and what to correct in order to get to your desired result.

That's why coaching is so powerful, it doesn't matter what the problem or goal all the techniques are the same. The power is in the application!

When I first was searching out for coaches and consultants I came across one of my favorite people, Alastair McDonald, and when I asked him what is the real benefit of using a coach his response was simple, coaches help to shrink the time it takes to get to where you want to go. And I truly believe that, its not that we aren't going to continue making mistakes but through the mistakes the results will come faster.

"Ready, Aim, Fire" it seems pretty self explanatory and easy. But how many times in our life do we "Ready, Aim, Distract, Doubt, Fire, Miss, Give Up". Without the proper guidance and coaching its difficult for most people to try again and succeed. All professionals use coaching and coaching principles to keep them focused and ultimately get the success that they're aiming for.

Name one professional athlete that doesn't use a coach? Think back to one time anyone of note didn't have a army of advisors helping them along their path? You can't because it does not exist.

Why have you struggled so hard to succeed at something all by yourself? Who's been there to truly guide you along your path? Where is your community of individuals with that steady hand when you need it?

This is where coaching comes in. The key is to find someone who's style meshes with yours, try out a few coaches until one resonates with you. Do you like the results? Its ok to ask yourself that question. Is what you're doing getting you the results you want, if not, why? If you don't know, maybe its time for some coaching.

Good luck on your journey!

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