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Welcome to my series on "How to overcome Burnout"

If you're here you have made an intentional decision to start your journey out of burnout.

This video series is compiled from my Facebook Live series of videos that will give you the foundational information you will need to start feeling better and re-ignite the fire that you once had.


Episode 1

How to tell if you are burnt-out

In Episode 1 of my series on burn-out I go over the the 3 main reasons that you got into this state and 1 action step you can take right now to feel better.

Episode 2

Creating balance

In Episode 2 I dive deeper into how lack of balance impacts your life and a 7 day challenge that will immediately help you to create balance.


Episode 3

Obligation vs Intention

In Episode 3 of my burnout series I dive further into how our words play a huge part in our feeling of burnout.  I teach you different techniques that will help you to be proactive and intentional with your words to create that fire that is missing.

Episode 4


Episode 4 is the culmination of all the previous lessons and I teach you the most important lesson yet on how to overcome burnout.  This is the episode you do not want to miss.

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